Benefits of Weight Loss – There’s More Than You Think!

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Did you know that 66% of adults 20 and older in the US are overweight; 133.6 million people? And of that number, almost half are obese! Feeling and looking their best are the two key motivators people most often share with me when they want to get fit. While these are both good reasons to get in shape, good health and wealth are the over-arching benefits of exercise and eating healthy; and in my practice these go hand in hand. You can’t really achieve weight loss without doing both.

So, what do I mean by wealth? Every year in the US obesity-related illnesses account for $117 billion (with a ‘b’!) in medical costs. Further, American workers and employers lose productivity time and money associated with obesity and overweight issues. Almost $40 million is lost each year in workdays and nearly $400 million is lost annually or paid out for doctor office visits, restricted activity days and bed-ridden days. When you consider these numbers, the costs associated of eating healthy and exercising are nominal, and are a phenomenal and smart investment for your long term health. Over time, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will likely save you a fortune in both time and money.

And, we haven’t even touched on the illnesses associated with obesity and being overweight. While these maladies will cost you time and money, they also have painful symptoms and decrease your quality of life considerably. Here are just a few of the most common illnesses associated with long-term weight gain:

• Diabetes
• High blood pressure and cholesterol
• Cancer
• Sleep and breathing problems
• Osteoarthritis

In the US, 112,000 people die every year due to obesity and obesity-related illnesses. This is completely avoidable with a healthy nutrition plan and exercise routine – both of which are accessible at Full Spectrum Fitness. If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, make a commitment now to fall back into fitness. You can add healthy eating to your daily lifestyle with weekly Out of Thyme meal ordering service too. Recommit to treating yourself well for the long term, and encourage a friend to do the same. It will make for a much happier life now and in your future.

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