I contacted Mike at Full Spectrum because I wanted to lay a foundation for better health as I age.  I was 52 year old, weighed 220 pounds and had a body fat percentage nearing 25%.  I had chronic lower back problems and a host of other aches and pains that always seemed to keep me from spending time in the gym.  Mike impressed me right away with his own dedication to fitness; he’s in tremendous shape and it’s obvious he’s been that way for the greater part of his life.  I was also impressed by his attention to detail as he catalogued my fitness goals and injuries.  He’s an achiever not only in his own fitness, but on behalf of his clients as well.

I’ve been training with Mike and his staff for six months now and am amazed at the difference in how I look and feel.  I’ve dropped below 16% body fat and have added eight pounds of lean muscle mass.  My waist has dropped by three inches and I feel like I’m 20 years younger.  The change in my functional strength has helped me avoid injuries and my energy levels are consistently higher.  My doctor is thrilled with the changes in my overall health.

I’ve now added Saturday Boot Camp classes to my weekly workouts and have taken advantage of Chandra’s spinning classes as well.  Full Spectrum Fitness isn’t just a catchy name: it’s an apt description of the broad range of services available to help you achieve your fitness goals.  It’s never too late.