I met Mike at Full Spectrum through a fiend and client of his. I commute to a Cincinnati office from my home in Greensboro, NC nearly every week. Living in hotels and eating in restaurants in not conducive to staying in shape unless you really work at it. I had been recovering from AC shoulder surgery about a year ago I was not happy with my progress. Additionally, I had a serious L5 lower back injury and surgery 5 years ago that left me with nerve damage and a partially withered right calf. It took me over a year in PT to learn to walk without a limp. I used to jog pre L5 surgery. I can’t jog now.

What really made me decide to get fit was surfing lessons last June. I don’t snowboard anymore since my back surgery, but I really wanted to learn to surf. My ‘before’ picture is me taking surf lessons about a week before starting with Mike. I could not paddle for more than 20 minutes due to lack of stamina. I also couldn’t “pop-up” very well because I didn’t have enough upper body strength from the shoulder surgery. It was an eye opener for me! I have a great surf instructor who encouraged me to get more fit and keep trying, and that “persistence beats resistance”. That’s a saying I have fully adopted!

Mike and I started in July 2012, usually 2 times per week. I also joined a gym in Greensboro per his advice. He knows his stuff as a trainer, but just as importantly, he makes you feel comfortable. I was worried about my injuries. Mike is sensitive to this clients’ needs, and in my case being very cognizant of my injury weaknesses. He is always patient. Mike is just a really nice guy to be around, besides being a fitness guru. He is very responsive. I dedicated myself to a weight goal of under 200 lbs. What I didn’t realize was that body fat measurement is so much more meaningful. I am 6’3” tall. My after picture was taken October 14, 2012 when I weighed about 210. Writing this on November 28th, 2012 I now weight 197 lbs. I can paddle by surf board over an hour now ….THANK YOU  Mike!