“I feel like a Rockstar!”

Growing up I was always the cute, chubby one.  One of my biggest childhood disappointments was not being able to experience the “JORDACHE Look”; their jeans were not cut for cute, chubby girls.  In my early 20s I joined Weight Watchers and lost just shy of 40 pounds.  I journaled daily and walked 25-30 miles/week.  Unfortunately, throughout my 30s those lost pounds found their way back.  As I was approaching my 40th birthday I decided to try Personal Training at a local gym in Loveland (not FSF).  I certainly saw rewarding results on the scale; however, not a ton of muscle definition.

On June 22, 2016, I met with Mike.  Little did I know how my life was about to change!  He took me, the girl who found every excuse to not partake in gym class as a kid or exercise as an adult, and turned me into a “gym rat”!  I train with Mike 4-5 days a week and attend 2-3 bootcamps.  I also add in “bonus” cardio and abs on days that time permits.  Oh, and did I mention my diet?  I have never eaten so clean!  With Mike’s help, I have created a menu that keeps my hunger at bay and the scale in check.  In 17 months, I dropped 28.6 pounds, 17.2% body fat and total of 124mm overall body measurements.

My experience with Mike Shannon and FSF has been AWESOME!  I could not have attained such success without him…fit body, fit mind.  I am forever grateful to Mike.

Best.  Trainer.  Ever.