Mike Shannon and the team at Full Spectrum fitness have made such an impact of my life in just 4 short
months. Before moving to Cincinnati 5 years ago, I had always lived a very active lifestyle. I had played
competitive soccer since I was three and various other sports along the way as well. This allowed me to not
think much about what I was eating and continue to stay fit. However, once I moved all the sports and physical
activity came to a halt and my bad eating habits became really bad eating habits. I stayed busy with starting my
career and a full-time college course load, all the while, letting myself believe that I just didn’t have time to go
to the gym.
Boy was I wrong! Thankfully, I met a great friend (Kim Emery) through work who just couldn’t stop telling me
about how great her trainer was and how much fun she was having working with these amazing people. After
about a year of listening to Kim’s stories and gaining a little inspiration of my own I decided to give it a shot
and see if I could once again become that healthy and happy person that I had always been.
As I mentioned before, I have only been at Full Spectrum for about 4 months but Mike Shannon and his team
have lead me through quite possibly the best four months I could have asked for. I will confess the journey
hasn’t always been an easy one but Mike has always coached me through the tough moments and really given
me a better way to think about the daily choices you have to make to get the results you want.
I also think it is important to mention that the benefits I have achieved through training at Full Spectrum Fitness
haven’t only been related to pounds and body fat. I have also always struggled with anxiety through most of my
teenage and adult years. I have always found different ways to cope, admittedly, some healthier than others, but the progress I have made just by using my workouts as an outlet has made such an incredible change on my stress levels. That growth alone has been worth it.
On May 2nd of 2015 I was able to complete in my first 10K race and just last weekend
participated in my first triathlon. I am already signed up for another triathlon and 2 more races
just this summer! I have never felt better and can’t say thank you enough to Mike, Josh, Nick, Ana,
Erin, Chandra and all the amazing people at Full Spectrum Fitness. What this team does is so much
more than training and helping people get in shape. They are helping everyone to achieve their
best possible self.