Mike’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to Physical Training and Dietary Nutrition are invaluable. His overall attitude and approach to his clients are not only highly professional, but are individually tailored based on the client’s needs. His willingness to help you reach your goals knows no bounds.

Mike is a trainer who loves to see his clients succeed and it’s what makes his job as a trainer such a special one. When I came to Mike in January 2013, I weighed 305 lbs. and had a body fat % of 33.8. Today, I weigh 217 lbs. and have a body fat % of 11.7. In 10 months, my life has totally changed. I’m healthier, stronger and above all, I’m more confident in myself. I owe everything to Mike! You’ve seen what Mike did for me and countless others, let’s see what Mike can do for you!