I was first introduced to Mike by my original personal trainer who started me on my journey to transform myself.  In the 7 ½ months with her, I was able to achieve 80% of my 200 pound weight loss goal and developed a tremendous level of trust.  When she had to leave the area, I was extremely afraid that I would never be able to complete my journey and move onto my next set of fitness goals.  Fortunately for me, she knew Mike and knew he would be a great fit for me.  She couldn’t have left me in better hands.

My fitness journey began with me weighing somewhere north of 380 pounds (I stopped weighing myself at 380).  After abusing my body for years while playing multiple sports, my injuries finally caught up with me in my late 30s and early 40s and I could no longer do the activities which made up for my terrible nutrition habits.  The result…massive weight gain with, in my mind, no way to exercise due to constant, debilitating knee pain.  Once my doctor was able to find a new treatment to help with the pain, I began my quest to become fit under the guidance of excellent personal trainers.

Due to my knee, shoulder and ankle injuries, it takes a truly qualified personal trainer to be able to create an exercise program that meets my fitness goals while at the same time protects me from further injury.  I definitely would have failed at this if left to my own devices.  Mike is extremely knowledgeable and is able to modify exercises (sometimes on the fly) to work the desired muscle groups without compromising my problem areas.  I frequently hear people at work or the gym saying things like “I could never have shoulders or arms like that because I have bad shoulders”.  This is definitely not the case if you’re working with someone who has the knowledge to work around it.  I am definitely living proof of that!


When I first came to Mike, I wanted to complete my journey to my 200 pound weight loss goal and at the same time, continue to tone and develop muscle.  While many people thought I was completely nuts, I also wanted to achieve my weight loss goal by the week of what I referred to as my “one year gym anniversary”.  Mike quickly got to know me and understand what “makes me tick” and provided challenging training sessions and good council on my nutrition.  He introduced me to some new activities, like boxing, which gave me additional options for my cardiovascular conditioning.

With the outstanding personal training and nutrition coaching, not to mention his patience to work with me, Mike helped me achieve my 200 pound weight loss goal four days before my 1 year gym anniversary and gave me some pretty good muscles for a 47 year old woman!  I never thought I’d be in one of those crazy weight loss pictures, but in a year’s time I was able to fit in the leg of the pants I was wearing when I first entered the gym to sign up.

My journey with Mike isn’t over and I have continued to tone my body and have lost an additional 15 pounds.  I can honestly say that I have never had this much muscle tone, this level of cardiovascular fitness and have never eaten as healthy as I do now.  Even when I played sports in high school, I weighed more than I do now and wore larger clothes.  I truly have never felt any better or happier than I do now.  It shows in everything I do whether at home, work or the gym.

Since my weight loss milestone, I have been focused on achieving other personal goals outside the gym.  In August I completed my first MS 150, cycling 150 miles in a weekend and in October I completed my first century ride, cycling 100 miles in a day.  The conditioning and training I receive under Mike has been instrumental in helping me to attain these goals and become a better cyclist.

What’s next?  I’m not sure, but I will continue to train with Mike and highly recommend him to anyone looking to make a significant change to their lives through exercise and fitness.  Mike has a saying on his wall which reads “It’s never too late to become what you might have been” and this sums it up for me.